Sedi-Lab™ Testing Educational Kit

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Determining acute toxicity in sediments, soils,

and solid wastes for the classroom

Timeline: 150 Minutes to 225 Minutes 

About the Sedi-LabTM: The Sedi-LabTM determines the acute toxicity in sediments, suspended sediments, soils, and solid wastes. The Sedi-LabTM detects toxicity directly without labour intensive solvent extraction procedures. It will pick up additive, synergistic, and antagonistic effects from toxicant mixtures.
  Reaction: The Sedi-Lab™ kit’s assay is based on the ability of a toxicant to inhibit the de novo synthesis of an inducible enzyme (β-galactosidase) in a highly permeable mutant of E. coli and the results manifest as an easily observable colour change after a short incubation period. Sensitivity and performance of the test is enhanced by exposing the bacteria to stressing conditions prior to lyophilization, after which they are rehydrated in a cocktail containing a specific inducer of β-galactosidase and essential factors required for recovery of the bacteria from their stressed condition. The activity of the induced enzyme is detected by hydrolysis of a chromogenic substrate to produce a clearly visible blue or yellow colour change. Toxic materials that interfere with the recovery process will decrease enzymatic synthesis and inhibit colour production once the chromogen is added. Comparing the amount of colour produced between a test sample and a reference soil provides a measure of toxic potency. 



sedi lab bacterial toxicity educational kit


Download the Handout which includes Educator Resources, Student Handout, Preparation, and Lab Procedure

Learning Goals (see About Us for Details):  LG 1, LG 2, LG 3, LG 4, LG 7, LG 10

Sedi-LabTM Information for the Educator

The Sedi-LabTM is offered in a format that will meet the needs of most class sizes and schedules.
The Sedi-LabTM kit should be performed no later than 6 weeks after collecting the samples.
Each kit contains sufficient components for one lab experiment. The bottles and vials in the Sedi-LabTM
are labelled with clear, bold letters that are coded.  The Sedi-LabTM is designed for students to work
in five groups of three to four students each. We also provide resources to complete the lab
experiment along with a lab booklet. Each booklet contains information on concepts, preparation,
the procedure, observing and recording results, further analysis, and a student lab report for
assessment and evaluation. EBPI can supply further supplies and equipment as needed. See our
supplies and equipment section for further information.

If you have further inquiries or concerns, please contact us.